Feel like enjoying yourself in the city centre of Lelystad? Not only the city centre provides you plenty of shopping opportunities. Also the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet is open 7 days a week! With over 100 different shops giving permanent sale from 30% till 70% discount. You will not come back empty handed.


Do you prefer to go to new heights? The airport Lelystad provides you daily with many roundtrips. From the air you will have the best view of Lelystad!


Lelystad has the biggest marina in the Netherland. There is always a spot available for you with over 3000 docking spots. Bataviahaven, Flevomarina, Jachthaven Lelystad or Deko Marine, or even the Houtribhaven are delighted to welcome you. Forgot to bring your boat? No problem, the rental yachts from Jauper will surely satisfy your needs.


Want to go on a safari in Lelystad? It is possible! Unique in the Netherlands and Europe right here in Lelystad you will find the Oostvaardersplassen. It is natural reserve divided into wet and dry areas and covering about 56 square kilometres. A wide variety of birds and large herbivores live freely. It is also great to go for a leisure walk in the Natuurpark or maybe a stroll in one of the forests surrounding Lelystad.


The separated bicycle system is unique in Lelystad. By bicycle you tour around the city on a separated road exclusively for bicycles. Maybe a recreational tour through the natural parks or perhaps with a mountain bike to go off-road? Lelystad gives you the space.


Did you know that Lelystad is built 5 meters below sea level! Lelystad used to part of the Zuiderzee nearly 60 years ago. It has been known that Lelystad won the battle against the rough sea. How did we do that? Come and see at Nieuwe Land or Rijksdienst voor Cultureel erfgoed. These museums inform about our history. And at the same time see how we lived aboard the Batavia in the 17th century in the Batavia shipyard.


Wat je ook zoekt om je te kunnen vermaken, Lelystad geeft je er de ruimte voor! Teveel om in een dag te doen? Dan blijf je toch lekker eten en slapen? Lelystad kent nationaal gerenommeerde restaurants en landelijk onderscheiden slaapgelegenheden.

Source: VVV Lelystad,